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Yokohama 2

For more on Yokohama Earthquake, see Photo Essay.

From the Diary of Hazel Bucklin 1923 - 1924

Tuesday, September 11, 7 pm. Arrived and anchored three miles out of Yokohama. Worse than reports. An unbelievable horror. 300,000 dead. Most buried deep under debris; those on surface entirely consumed by fire. The earthquake, fire and typhoon came almost together. Many were suffocated or burned trying to escape, because of the whirling gale of the typhoon. The Japanese are apparently paralyzed, have done nothing, except the Red Cross which gives first aid, food, and water. The U.S. Navy has practically taken charge. The harbor is full of warships, nearly all of them ours. Later when the tide comes
in, we shall see bodies floating; the harbor is full of them,
even way out here. (We have not seen any.)