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Seattle 3

From the Diary of Hazel Bucklin 1923 - 1924

Friday, September 7 - 8th day out. Stormy. (Japanese current!--rain, choppy)

Thursday, 1st day. Fair. Saw Victoria, enjoyed ship immensely. Went to bed till Sunday noon. Terribly stormy. Seas broke seven windows on enclosed promenade; nearly everyone sick. Then fair till Tuesday. when another storm. Stayed in bed all morning. Friday we had our third storm, in the afternoon, but were able to stay out on the sheltered veranda aft and enjoy the beauty of it even tho we were sick. But we didn’t go to dinner! Aside from seasickness, the voyage hasn’t been very exciting. The Japanese disaster is of course the main topic. But reports are so sketchy and conflicting that there’s little I could put down here. Great loss of life and damage to buildings; enormous, we know, but numbers mean nothing yet.

Sunday, September 9 Typhoon. Perfectly beautiful and awe-inspiring - tremendous waves. Everything slid or tipped over that could - mirrors and chiffoniers broke in cabins; several people fell and were slightly hurt--windows broke, and the railing was swept away aft; dishes fell out of the china closet when the doors popped open at dinner; when Donald ate, a waiter had to hold the high chair to keep it from tipping over, and during the height of the storm, people just sat huddled in attached chairs, and those with babies held them tight. When the ship bumped into one of those powerful waves, no one could stand against the jar. It was a great experience - for once!