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Seattle 2

From the Diary of Hazel Bucklin 1923 - 1924

After the trip, I went up in the L.C. Smith Building tower - a 42 story bldg. It was so smokey that I couldn’t see off any distance, but I saw my first snow-capped mountain, with a thrill all to myself. For a few minutes, Mt. Rainier shone out above the smoke - majestic and awe-inspiring - all that I had hoped. Then I saw the sun set behind the Olympic Mountains, outlining them sharply against the bright sky, across Seattle Harbor. They are snow-capped too, but I couldn’t see that thru the smoke.

August 29 To Mt. Rainier by R.N.P. auto - about 220 miles round trip - a tremendous day. We left Seattle at 8:15 and returned after 9, and had only time to step out of the auto and back again at Paradise Inn in Paradise Valley, which is the end of the route. We stopped at National Park Inn for dinner, and several times for refreshment, but it was a long, long trip. Donald slept a lot, and was not overtired. We never saw such beauty in our lives as after we reach the National Park. The great trees were picturesque, but when we came into the mountain and valley region, and climbed the wonderful roads, with hairpin turns and breath-taking drops sheer down for 100’s of feet, we were perfectly amazed that such grandeur existed in our own country. We had perfect weather; and the little clouds came and went across the top of Mt. Rainier, and the colorings were glorious.

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