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Kobe 2

From the Diary of Hazel Bucklin 1923 - 1924

Kobe has a population of 700,000. Osaka has 1 1/2 million.
From the shrine we took a street-car (they have double trolleys, and are little, with only a few seats--mostly standing-room to Nunobiki Falls quite a ride and then a long walk up as the hillside, past homes. The homes seem topheavy; they are very low, and the heavy tile roofs are very conspicuous. Because with us Japanese architecture is used only for decorative purposes, it was hard to believe that those were real homes. The fall was beautiful--a thin cascade dropping perhaps 75 or more feet into a pool which unfortunately was not natural, but dammed. All around, the hills were vivid green, and the rocks hung with moss and ferns. The trees were all different from ours, but we saw rhododendron, and a sort of laurel. We had Japanese tea (pale yellow) in tiny bowls, and sponge cake. Mr. Y. bought Donald a bag of tiny tops of various colors and shapes.